3D Dream Bowl

3D Dream Bowl 1.02

3D bowling game for your computer

3D Dream Bowl is an awesome bowling game for your computer. It has a great physics motor, great graphics and online high scores to compare your achievements with anybody around the world. In 3D Dream Bowl you control the ball with your mouse. This game has different modes of play including a free mode where you play without opponents. Another mode pits you against a virtual player that will be your computer, and the third mode is a one-on-one challenge. This last mode allows you to play against a friend on the same computer and compete against each other. 3D Dream Bowl offers several levels of play and you can obtain money by winning different stages. Use that money to buy new lanes for your bowling game. You'll be amazed by this game, which brings a fantastic bowling experience into your home. 3D Dream Bowl is the game you were looking for to play against your friends and family.